It is to the South of France in Ariège where you have to go if you want to see a Billys camperunit in its manufacturing workshop. It is in this beautiful part of France where Wilco Lensen settled a few years ago. Originally he was specialized in the sale of used camper units. But passionate about travel since he got his license a long time ago, he has not stopped walking. And walks give you ideas. With his experience, he began to draw plans, and designed his own unit. This resolved in the Billys unit with its reasonable price.

​​Removable unit for pick up: the Billys

Wilco has created a removable unit that can be installed in the rear of pick-ups whether they are double cabin or 1,5 cabin. It has two lengths for its units: 2.10 m for the double cabin and 2.40 m for the 1,5 cabin.

The body is made of a composite material, two layers of polyester sandwich, an insulating material (here perforated PVC). It is made internally in the company and is done with a vacuum molding technique which will ensure the solidity and durability of the hull. You need real know-how to carry out this operation, which is why Wilco has surrounded himself with a team that previously worked in a company specializing in molding (more than 25 years of experience), in other words, on the technical side, you won't have any worries.

The Billys, due to its one-piece construction, its structure allows it to remain quite light and with the numerous storage spaces and all the equipment that is placed in front of the unit to keep comfort on the road.

The interior is lined with sprayed cork which provides additional thermal and sound insulation.

Its concept is based on several principles, one of the most important of which is to have comfort in the unit for a reasonable price.

The over cap allows it to have a large bed of 140 x 200 cm. An additional bed of 70 x 195 can also be set up in the lower part of the unit. And a 4th bunk bed is possible for a small child. You will therefore be able to travel with four people in this unit.

The furniture is also made of polyester.

Billys units: removable units for fully equipped pick-ups

It is a leisure vehicle in its own form, but a bit particular. The removable unit allows you to occasionally add a layout worthy of a motorhome to your pickup. The Billys units brand thus offers fully equipped units, with a particularly studied design.

The idea of the removable unit is simple. When you need it, you load it onto your pick-up. And it is even possible to leave the unit in place. It then rests on telescopic legs. The vehicle can therefore lend itself to adventurous road trips (especially if you choose a 4×4 pick-up). It then offers great opportunities for bivouac in the middle of nature.

Vacuum sandwich design

Billys units are produced fully in Ariège, using a specific manufacturing technique: the sandwich wall (including polyester and insulation) is molded under vacuum, in one go. This design therefore excludes joints and other wooden reinforcements (sources of leaks and mold). The unit is therefore particularly robust, but also light: 230 kg for an empty unit. 560 kg fully equipped.


Units for all pick-ups

The brand produces two types of units: one with a long floor, for 1,5 cabin pick-ups, the other with a short floor, for double cabin pick-ups. These units are suitable for all pick-ups on the European market. They are sold with an arrangement including a coach built bed (in the hood), a dinette, a kitchen and a bathroom. This layout also gives plenty of place to storage. They are located in the lower part and at the front, which is a particularity of the Billys units, intended to improve road behavior (since the weight is well centered on the pick-up).

Billys units: furnished and fully equipped

On the equipment part, Billys has chosen to market its units with all the necessary equipment; solar panel  and 105 Ah battery, heating, hot water, shower, cassette toilet, fitted kitchen, 65-litre compression fridge, large roof window, awning, mosquito net, rear step…

The team at the workshop:

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